American Dream Still Alive in Baltimore?

Not trying to start a debate here but we hear a lot of conversation about homeownership losing ground as a part of the American Dream.   Here is tangible evidence that the dream still lives at least in Waverly, a neighborhood in Baltimore.  

Community Chalkboard


This community chalkboard is a free form venue for comments, poetry, announcements and other random expressions.  This week’s venue was a pondering on the whimsical bucket list, Before I die I want to:                        .  Some of the comments were expected, some were touching, none were profane.    Note the last blank space.  The next morning the final space was filled and I had to stop and take another picture…..

couldn't have planned this.
It is certainly part of the St. Ambrose mission to keep that dream alive despite all of the naysayers.  Affordable homes can be bought and owned in Baltimore and St. Ambrose can help keep that dream alive for the person who wants to “buy a house”  before they die.  

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