Vinnie Quayle says:

Sent to the Baltimore Sun and New York Times August 2011:

Dear Editor:

We read regularly of your columnists’ and letter writers’ accusation that the President’s stimulus program for creating and sustaining jobs is a failure. The St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center has received stimulus money for the past two years to renovate 90 vacant FHA and other foreclosures in good working- and middle-class neighborhoods in Baltimore to preserve them for the next generation of homeowners.  St. Ambrose has spent the money hiring Baltimore lead-paint removers, roofers, electricians, plumbers, painters, dry-wall installers, furnaces, windows and doors, lighting fixtures, toilets, sinks, kitchen and bathroom cabinets , indoor and outdoor handles and locks and their installers, hard-wood floor sanders, masonry repairmen and landscapers.  

I am sure these Baltimore suppliers, hardware stores, contractors and their families thank God for the President’s stimulus program. America’s unemployment problem is certainly real but would be much worse were it not for the stimulus program.


Vincent P. Quayle


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