Stealing Trust at the Pratt

MCRC presented a short documentary last evening at the Enoch Pratt Library.  The film, Stealing Trust,  presented recent experiences of Maryland consumers with unscrupulous contractors, lenders and debt settlement groups.  At issue for this viewer was the concept of the social contract and the continued disregard for that implied agreement that regulates civil interaction on our crowded planet. 

Each of the subjects in the film entered into contractual agreements with regulated organizations.  In some cases, they handed over their life savings in “good faith” and were victimized by companies whose intentions were suspect from the beginning. 

Where does the responsibility lie to protect us as consumers?  We continue to operate from a world view that was shaped in a different era, an era of trust.  For some of us, Reece Dameron’s question in the comment portion of the program – ” Did we think the struggle was over with the passing of the Voting Rights Act or the Civil Rights Act?”  was pivotal.  Yes, I thought THAT struggle was.  I thought that the law of the land was penultimate in the struggle and that we could move on to the next issue, whatever that was.   I am always surprised by my naivete.

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