We should be willing to redefine ‘home’ based on usage.

This month’s Urbanite features an article entitled ‘Baltimore-the City that Rents‘ which describes a trend in our city and others.  As a life long renter, I have always resented the disparaging remarks directed at our demographic.  I was a good tenant and contributed to the local economy, I just didn’t want to have to fix appliances and I wanted the freedom to move somewhere else when the whim or new job opportunity struck.

While I joined my first community association after I bought my house in Baltimore, I am no longer active in it for many reasons.  I purchased because the rental market in 2006 was trending higher than my exposure thresh hold.  I was afraid I would be priced out of the rental market. In 2012, I am underwater on my mortgage, don’t have any equity in my house and am beginning to worry about replacing that furnace.   Oh, to be able to call the landlord, oh wait, I am the landlord.



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