Attorney General Settlement Moving Ahead.

A recent blog from the MD DHCD announced the following phone numbers for Marylanders who make, or previously made, mortgage payments to one of the five mortgage servicers involved in the settlement.

Ally/GMAC: (800) 766-4622

Bank of America (And Countrywide): (877) 488-7814

Citi: (866) 272-4749

JPMorgan Chase (And WaMu): (866) 372-6901

Wells Fargo (And Wachovia): (800) 288-3212

I called Bank of America, my mortgage servicer, and was told the baseline qualification for the two programs, interest reduction and principle reduction.  The calls are being filtered through the Collections Department which was a little disconcerting because they make the disclaimer “we are a debt collector.”

The settlement is not finalized but I was informed that my call put me on a waiting list for contact by the bank when the settlement is complete.   Be proactive, call your servicer today to see if you qualify or call a housing counselor.


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