Are You From Around Here?

Are you a Baltimore native? Did you move here from somewhere else? Are you returning to Charm City after time spent living in another city or state? Baltimore Magazine just had a great article about what it means to live in Baltimore; it’s the story of someone who grew up here, moved away, and has returned. Just like St. Ambrose’s own Gerard Joab.

The author acknowledges that Baltimore tends to get a bad rap, but that our city truly is a great, unique place. “I’ve come to find that living in Baltimore feels special, too. I feel it in our history as an important American city—in many ways a microcosm of the country’s ethnic divisions and industrial boom and bust. I feel kinship with the offbeat, innovative artists that we’ve sprung, from Edgar Allan Poe and Phillip Glass to John Waters, Frank Zappa, and Tupac Shakur; I feel it in our nickname, Charm City—perhaps the most appropriate municipal moniker in America.”

St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center is committed to supporting all the different types of Baltimore residents; whether they’ve lived here all their lives, are here for the first time, or are returning from elsewhere. Whether you’re a renter, a first-time homebuyer, a current homeowner, or if you’re looking for the best homesharing experience in the country, St. Ambrose is here to support you as you navigate city life.

I’m not a returning resident; I simply moved here from a different part of the country, but the way the author ends the article really resonates with me. “Baltimore is a city of underdogs. Everyone here seems to grow up thinking things are better everywhere else. It’s only after you’ve been away for a while that you realize: You never had it so good as you did back home in Charm City.” I love scrappiness of Baltimore, its idiosyncrasies, and absolutely its charm.

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