Empowered Baltimore! Making the World We Want to See!

Inspiration comes from many sources! With what I call a ‘bumper sticker’ mindset, I like short and pithy.  The New York Times featured an article about an artist from California and his quote in the call out box was this “Part of the rap against activists is they’re railing against something,” Mr. Joseph said. “I want to make something. I want to make the world I want to see.”

That empowered statement made me think of all of the improvements I have seen in Baltimore over the last 8 years.  I will start with my block.  When I moved into my house the property next door was vacant and abandoned.  It had been vacant for a decade.  The stairs at the end of my street had a broken railing from hurricane damage long before Sandy.

That railing has been replaced for a long time and makes passage down the stairs far less perilous.  The vacants were taken from the recalcitrant owner and I have had new neighbors for a few years now.  Lindsey Henley, who was writing this blog this summer had suggested a theme of Baltimore as a Renaissance City.  I agree.  Each week, we are going to feature examples of the renaissance of our city, Baltimore.

Join Us.  Post your example of a renaissance Baltimore.

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