The Rehab Chronicles – 2203 Guilford Avenue

St. Ambrose has chosen Cobalt Architects, Ltd. to provide unique and creative design solutions for this modern renovation project.  As a result of 2203 Guilford being restored into a single family home from a 3 unit apartment building, there is more space to create functional and innovative living areas. Cobalt has provided us with floor plans and notes for 2203 Guilford.


  • The additional space is being utilized by creating a master suite that occupies the entire second floor, and accompanied by the bonus family room (or whatever the buyer chooses the room to be).
  • The third floor includes 2 large bedrooms and a uniquely designed double-task bathroom.
  • In addition, the corridor-style kitchen design optimizes kitchen workflow and functionality, while providing space for a kitchen table.


Floor Plans: Click on the floor plan below to enlarge and view notes


Floor Plan

All Contractor Bids are due by January 15th 2013

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