Seeing Possibility Everywhere

The Maryland Chapter of the Social Enterprise Alliance has breakfast meetings once a month and I have been hearing the buzz for the last couple of months.  This morning, I made it to one.  The enthusiasm and energy was contagious.

Social entrepreneurship is a complicated concept and I am not going to educate anyone on the idea.  However, if you sometimes feel that you are trying to take on the problems of the world and you want to make a difference, check out their facebook page – but even better get to one of these meetings.

You will sit at the table with young people opening cafes, you will hear presentations on projects being launched all over the city.  This morning it was about the Baltimore Food Hub that is being built at Lanvale and Patterson Park with a Kitchen Incubator, a culinary school and community space.  Amazing! and Exciting!   I often refer to an underground culture in Baltimore and ‘anything is possible’ is the catch phrase for that culture.

Pay attention, you will see great things happening all over the city.

It is a good time to be in Baltimore.


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