Youth Works “St. Ambrosers”

This summer St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center had the amazing opportunity to apply for a Youth Worker from the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development. Youth Works offers students the chance to gain office experience while the office receives valuable assistance from the youth.

St. Ambrose was matched with Tyshai Robinson, an awesome Youth Worker who so graciously said yes to being a guest blogger. We asked her to write down her thoughts about St. Ambrose and going back to school. Continue reading for her response.

Working at St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center was a good experience for me although I’m not really an office type girl. Despite the type of person I am, my overall experience is going very well, all because of the people I work with. Everyone here is so happy and welcoming. They must all love their job, and if not they are some great actors.

Anyway, I really enjoy being around them. I hope they can say the same about me. LOL 🙂 But honestly I can’t see myself doing what the other St. “Ambrosers” (I made that up LOL) do. I applaud them for their hard work, its much needed but it is not for me.

Following my senior year of HIgh School, class of 2014 *woop woop* I want to study to become an airline pilot while also studying business to hopefully one day own my own airline. I enjoyed my time here at St. Ambrose. If I had a choice to work here over going to school, I would most definitely be at St. Ambrose’s door 9:00AM every day!


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