I Love City Life and Our Time Has Come!

This past Saturday, I took a trip to Fells Point.  Now, I live in Waverly so I don’t know if Fells Point qualifies as a trip, it is only 15 minutes away but…I have to park and then deal with the tourists, the horror, it was Red Sox fans this week, However, the Sound Garden was absolutely worth it.  I needed some music and the Sound Garden has it all.  One stop shopping, love it.  And that is what I love about our city life.  Farmers Market in the morning, quick trip to Fells Point and 15 minutes later, I am playing golf at Clifton Park for $33.

Which leads me to Thomas Friedman’s editorial in the New York Times this Sunday.   ….. “if you want to be an optimist about America today, stand on your head. The country looks so much better from the bottom up — from its major metropolitan areas — than from the top down. Washington is tied in knots…. hyper-partisanship, lobbyists and budget constraints. Ditto most state legislatures. So the great laboratories and engines of our economy are now our cities. This is the conclusion of an important new book by the Brookings Institution scholars Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley, entitled: The Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros Are Fixing Our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy.…. Cities and metropolitan areas are becoming the leaders in the nation: experimenting, taking risks, making hard choices.” We are seeing “the inversion of the hierarchy of power in the United States.” http://nyti.ms/13ZsVXH

For those of us committed to the idea of community development and neighborhood stabilization, our time has come.   Good thing we have been steadily making inroads and building foundations over decades.  We are in an enviable position.

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