The Rehab Chronicles – 2800 Lake Avenue

change2800 Lake Avenue will be a change in use development project. We are transitioning a long-abandoned corner store on a residential side street into a renovated home. Changing a building’s use will require upgrading to certain systems and elements. For example, a residential villa becomes a restaurant, a warehouse becomes an apartment. The Building Code requirements may differ from one type of use to another.  Fortunately for St. Ambrose, we always provide new or upgraded systems to all our renovated homes. Current building codes for residential properties have been integrated into the re-development plan and the interior has been re-designed to meet the needs and desires of today’s homeowner. In addition, a new porch will be constructed to suit the architectural character of the neighborhood.

2800 Lake Avenue is still undergoing select interior demolition to prepare for the renovation. More to come!!

To view more on the Rehab Chronicles click here.  To view more on the progress of 2800 Lake Ave click here

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