The Rehab Chronicles – 2800 Lake Avenue

2800 Lake Ave is coming along great! Demolition is complete. The kitchen and bathrooms have been completely gutted due to extreme wear and tear. The fire place, large deep freezer, and first floor partitions have been removed to form a more open floor plan. In addition, all carpet and basement shelving has been removed and a new sump pump and perimeter drain tile has been installed in the basement to prevent flooding. Once the rough carpentry work is complete, the rough in electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work will start and new joists and new sub floors will be installed where needed.


To view more on the Rehab Chronicles click here.  To view more on the progress of 2800 Lake Ave click here.



B-A living room

BEFORE                                            AFTER


DSCN0225                           Open Floor Plan


B-A Fire Place

BEFORE                                             AFTER


B-A Kitchen

BEFORE                                            AFTER

B-A Bedroom

BEFORE                                                 AFTER

B-A Bathroom

BEFORE                                                AFTER


B-A Basement2

BEFORE                                            AFTER


B-A Basement1

BEFORE                                                AFTER


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