The Rehab Chronicles – 2800 Lake Ave

2800 Lake is progressing wonderfully! The original exterior store front is currently being rebuilt to accommodate residential use, but still maintain historic character.  The walls and interior partitions are framed and we can now start to see the new 1st floor plans take shape. Rough in electrical, plumbing and HVAC are being completed and once these items are inspected, insulation will be installed.

To view more on the Rehab Chronicles click here.  To view more on the progress of 2800 Lake Ave click here.


Front View

Front View


1st Flr1

First Floor


1st Flr2

First Floor Partitions  



2nd Flr BR 1

Front Bedroom


2nd Flr BR 2

Middle Bedroom





2nd Flr BR 3

Back Bedroom

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