Welcome to the St. Ambrose Family

The St. Ambrose family is always growing. And every member, from clients to staff to followers like you, is important. We wanted to take this chance to introduce a few of the new faces around St. Ambrose and say a little about the work they are doing.

Anita ASAM_0680lexander, Homesharing 

Anita joined the Homesharing team just a few weeks ago. She retired from her position as an Education liaison with the Salvation Army Booth House Shelter in July 2017, but decided to continue pursuing her passion of working in human services. She is dedicated to working with those experiencing homelessness and is eager to elevate homesharing as a viable option for those facing housing insecurity. Anita has been married for 40 years, and has 3 wonderful children plus 6 beautiful grandchildren.


20180312_105253_1532015456015Deborah Riddick, Rental

Before coming to St. Ambrose, Deborah worked for the State Department of Human Resources as a Personnel Budget Officer. In her new position working with our Rental Services Department, she will be helping St. Ambrose convert our database to a new and improved program that will help keep all our information on our rental homes organized and easily accessible. In her position, she has been able to get a more comprehensive view of all that St. Ambrose does, and enjoys learning about the impact the organization has on the community with its variety of programs.

Headshot Maureen

Maureen Hartshorn, Legal Services

Maureen is about to begin her third year as a Law Student at the University of Maryland. In her studies she has focused on Property and Environmental issues, and is looking forward to learning more about the cases St. Ambrose takes on. In particular, she is interested in the foreclosure prevention and mediation process. She has been working with us full-time during the summer and will stay on to aid our department part-time after her classes begin. Before joining our team, Maureen worked in journalism. As an editor, she was inspired by reading the stories of people making a positive impact on the city and decided she wanted to be part of the action. She also is a big fan of the Ravens!


Tim Darby, Esq., Legal Services

One of the newest additions to the St. Ambrose team, Tim is a graduate of Cornell Law School. He earned his undergraduate degree at American University.  Before coming to St. Ambrose, Tim began his career working as a Law Clerk for Judge Paul Goetzke. Housing issues hold a personal importance to him, so he is excited to be working for an organization that takes a focus on such work. In his spare time, Tim likes to fish, play guitar, and play with his cats.


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