Welcome to the St. Ambrose Family

The St. Ambrose family is always growing. And every member, from clients to staff to followers like you, is important. We wanted to take this chance to introduce a few of the new faces around St. Ambrose and say a little about the work they are doing.

Have you met Erin?

Erin Broussard is the new Deputy Director/COO of St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center!

“I have dedicated my entire life to service work, from my military career to working with nonprofit organizations helping those who are most marginalized. I feel driven to assist in meaningful ways that provide a sense of hope to those in the greatest need.

I am drawn to the history and mission of St. Ambrose. It is heart work, community work, and deeply important work. I hope to contribute to the continued success of St. Ambrose through my role as a servant leader who believes impact should be measured by actions.”

Welcome to the St. Ambrose family, Erin!

We have another new addition to the St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center team!

Please join us in welcoming Keison Trottman to our Rental Services Maintenance Department.

“I love working at St. Ambrose. I take pride in being able to help others by addressing their Maintenance concerns as quickly as possible.”- Keison

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