The Baltimore Integration Partnership

One of the roles that you have asked St. Ambrose to play is that of a ‘conduit’ for other community, neighborhood and Baltimore related activities.  We are going to use our blog to fill that niche, in addition to Facebook and our ENewsletter.  With job creation such a focal point for the present administration, consider this an introduction to another Baltimore collaboration working to make Baltimore stronger. 

The Baltimore Integration Partnership (BIP), coordinated by the Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers (ABAG), is working to build stronger communities in Baltimore through expanding opportunities for low-income residents and facilitating local investment.  

 The BIP brings together local government, colleges and universities, nonprofits, foundations, and community financial institutions to provide resources to develop the local workforce. The BIP screens and identifies job-ready BIP area residents and connects them to employment opportunities. These opportunities are made possible through recruiting, training, and placement efforts made by the partners of the BIP, including the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, East Baltimore Development, Inc., Central Baltimore Partnership, and the Job Opportunities Task Force’s JumpStart construction training program.

In addition to connecting local residents to job opportunities, the BIP operates a workforce training fund. The fund supplements the connections being made with investment in occupational training necessary for employers in need of a skilled workforce.

By reinvesting in Baltimore’s infrastructure (both communities and residents), the BIP hopes to revitalize low-income areas, making them regionally competitive, economically diverse, and sustainable.

The BIP partner communities include the neighborhoods represented by the East Baltimore Development Initiative, the Central Baltimore Partnership, and West Baltimore communities that flank the proposed Red Line*.

The BIP target areas can be found on this map.

BIP Workforce Development Resources and Activities can be found here.

Anchor Institutions working with BIP can be found here.




* The Red Line is a proposed 14-mile-long light rail project that will connect East and West Baltimore with downtown, and finally integrate the city’s rapid transit network.