Throwback Thursday: Christophe Valcourt

September 24, 2015 by

“Learning about how the city got to the point it’s at today helped me better appreciate the kinds of challenges faced by the clients that St. Ambrose serves, especially in its foreclosure department.”

Read our final posting about how Christophe’s time spent at St. Ambrose made him more socially aware!Christophe1 Christophe2

NeighborWorks Training Institute: Philadelphia

September 23, 2015 by
If you happened to be at Penn Station on Sunday August 19th, you would have been surrounded by neighborhood advocates eagerly awaiting the Amtrak train to the NeighborWorks Training Institute (NTI) in Philadelphia. An NTI is an opportunity for anyone interested in community development to take courses, learn from organizations and community leaders from around the country, and network. This training opportunity is a pillar of NeighborWorks America, which is a national organization that works to strengthen communities by supporting local community organizations through training, technical assistance, and grant making. From classes on community engagement and neighborhood revitalization to housing counseling certifications and grant writing courses, NTI is a place for anyone working for a better community to learn and grow.

We talked to five NTI attendants from organizations around Baltimore about their experiences at the institute and the impact of those experiences on their everyday work in supporting strong communities in Baltimore. Funders in Baltimore and beyond made this opportunity possible for our community leaders by providing scholarships to cover conference costs for participants. The five NTI participants interviewed received support from Wells Fargo, Goldseker Foundation, The Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers, and NeighborWorks. Here’s what they have to say about their experience in Philly:

Christina Delgado,Community Engagement Specialist, Belair-Edison Neighborhoods
At Christina’s first NeighborWorks Training Institute her experiences helped to validate many of her thoughts and impressions about the field of community development. “I think what stood out for me most was that developing youth and organizing them to help within the community can really help to solve a lot of the other issues/problems within the community. Another thing was to keep programs going throughout the year to organize members; the worst thing you can do is stop during the cold months…it ruins the momentum that you’ve created during the spring, summer, and fall.”
Christina also found inspiration in the city of Philadelphia itself. Below are her pictures from a vacant lot development project in Philadelphia by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.
Drawing from lessons in effective asset community building and real world examples of vacant lot development and developing youth as community leaders in the city of Philadelphia, has empowered her in the conversations that she has with residents and community partners in Belair-Edison.
Jacqueline CaldwellPresident 
Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council
One of Jackie’s most influential courses was The Asset Building Community Development workshop. This course focused on communicating your message through emphasizing a community’s assets, rather than the community’s deficits. Developing the dialogue in this way has impacted the way that Jackie communicates with the media as well as potential partners and funders.

Jackie’s main takeaway? “It was great to be around people who truly have a heart- we are committed to making a positive change in our community…I learned that I am not alone when it comes to the need for operating support and positive collaborations.”

Judy RiceRental Services Administrative AssistantSt. Ambrose
“I gained more awareness of the various functions of my department and appreciation for others. When I came back to the office I told Bill [Director of Rental Services] how much I appreciated all of the responsibility he held as the Director… and the maintenance staff too, their job is so important to what we do.”

Judy exchanged numbers with some of her collegues that she made strong connections with from around the country and enjoyed learning alongside others with similar goals from places as far away as California and Alaska. She commented that she was able to learn a lot about the affordable housing industry by listening to and comparing the everyday practices of rental agencies from around the country.

Dr. Frank Lance,Treasurer,
“Two of the three courses I took changed what I do daily.  The first, Engaging Universities within your Community was most helpful as I have both Coppin and BCCC in Greater Mondawmin. The course materials have helped me to open doors and see possibilities I did not approach well before.The second course, Getting the Press on Your Side, has helped me to understand what is press worthy from the media’s perspective and to then write press releases that will get their attention.”
For Frank, his week in Philadelphia was “definitely time well spent because of the material learned and the connections made.” Frank was able to form a strong connection with his course instructors who have made themselves available if their support is ever needed in the future. Spending time with others facing the same challenges and working towards the same goals was also a source of inspiration for Frank, “I am not alone in my struggles with my issues. And, someone else has been there before and can offer help and advice.”
Tiffany Welch, MSW, Healthy Food Access and Food Justice Organizer,
Tiffany’s course on effective communication has influenced her day to day work as an advocate for her community. Informing and engaging members of her community as well as recruiting supporters and funders all takes the ability to succinctly communicate your message in a way that grabs the attention of others. Developing this skill is important and meaningful for Tiffany to be an effective Food Justice Advocate.
Tiffany was able to make a connection with colleagues from organizations in Boston, MA and Camden, NJ who work in similar urban environments to her target neighborhoods in Central West Baltimore. The group’s meaningful discussions led them to “share funding resources and engagement strategies. The common thread between our organizations was the need to engage and empower residents, immediately and long term.”
“There are so many agencies around the country that are trying to strengthen communities and increase resident involvement, whether in whole communities or housing districts. The main take away for me was to have an effective communication platform. No Boundaries is not a service delivery organization like many of the participants at NTI; we are an advocacy group. It is crucial for our organization to clearly disseminate our messages and work, not only to sustain ourselves but also to grow.”

Taking the time to refocus on our organizations’ missions and realign our unique roles in furthering that mission, enables us to more effectively work towards the collective vision of creating a stronger, healthier #onebaltimore.


Throwback Thursday: Will Flagle

September 17, 2015 by

“One thing that has stuck with me to this day, and certainly does not pertain only to Baltimore, is the relationship between housing policy, white privilege, and wealth inequality.”

Read more about the impact St. Ambrose had on Will below!Will1 Will2

Throwback Thursday: Cameron Beck

September 10, 2015 by

“It seemed like a lively team and a great fit!”

Find out how great of a fit Cameron was for St. Ambrose by reading below!Cameron1 Cameron2

Throwback Thursday: John O’Hagan

September 3, 2015 by

“Each morning without fail he would descend the stairway to our basement office singing a song.”

Read on to find out who John was talking about and for more information on his time spent at St. Ambrose!

John1 John2

Throwback Thursday: Krista Webb

August 27, 2015 by

“I learned a lot while working at St. Ambrose.”

Scroll down to read about the kinds of things Krista learned while working with us!


Throwback Thursday: Kallie Rollenhagen

August 20, 2015 by

“St. Ambrose reinforced the importance of housing as a basic human right, and instilled in me the importance being proactive in ensuring all of our community members have a place to call home.”

Read more of what Kallie has to say about her time spent at St. Ambrose below!

Kallie1 Kallie2

Throwback Thursday: Reilly Curran

August 13, 2015 by

Throwing it back with one of our volunteers, Reilly Curran! Reilly volunteered with us through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Read more about what Reilly has to say about her time at St. Ambrose below!

Intern Communication Project Template-Reilly1 Intern Communication Project Template-Reilly2

Throwback Thursday: Michelle Zupanc

July 29, 2015 by

Welcome to the kickoff of our Virtual Past Intern/Volunteer Blog reunion-where past Interns and Volunteers will reminisce and shed some light into their time here at St. Ambrose. We’ve recently said goodbye to Michelle Zupanc, one of our volunteers, after months of hard work. Read what Michelle has to say about her experience below!

Michelle Revised 1 Michelle Revised 2 Michelle Revised 3

St. Ambrose Welcomes our YouthWorks Summer Employees

July 7, 2015 by

Summer jobs help propel teens into a productive future. Research shows that for each year teenagers work in high school, their income rises an average of 15% in their 20’s. Summer jobs for teens have been shown to correlate with a lower arrest rate, in addition to teaching lifelong lessons about responsibility. Despite these advantages, a multitude of factors have caused the share of teenagers who work during the summer to plummet since the 2000’s (NY Times).

This year, Baltimore responded to this issue by stepping up to support youth employment. State, city, and private funding poured into YouthWorks, the city’s summer jobs program, to enable all 8,000 youth applicants to be placed in a summer job this year, an increase from 5,000 last year. The uprising this spring sent a clear message to our city about the necessity of investing in our youth and providing them the opportunities to learn and grow through valuable employment opportunities. St. Ambrose offered our support to the program by sending staff over to the YouthWorks office this June to volunteer with necessary administrative tasks to ensure each youth could be placed in time for the program’s tight deadlines.

St. Ambrose and NHS of Baltimore volunteers with YouthWorks staff

St. Ambrose and NHS of Baltimore staff volunteers with YouthWorks staff

St. Ambrose welcomed our two YouthWorks summer employees last Monday to begin a summer of working and learning at St. Ambrose. Gary and Rochelle help with administrative tasks in each of the different departments at St. Ambrose giving them an opportunity to learn a little bit about each St. Ambrose program.


Rochelle is participating in her 4th year in a YouthWorks summer job. She will be a senior this fall at Lock Raven High School and her favorite subject is math. In addition to earning an income, she’s looking forward to taking some courses at CCBC this summer. When she grows up she wants to be a lawyer and own a small business on the side.


Gary just graduated from City High School and this is his third year participating in YouthWorks. His favorite subject is history, especially world and US history. He’s looking forward to getting some extra sleep this summer and enjoys walking around the reservoir in his neighborhood to clear his head. When he grows up he wants to be an animator.

Welcome to the St. Ambrose family, Rochelle and Gary!


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